Port of Cork

3:rock provided design services, fabrication and installation on this project. 


¾ of a tonne built-up illuminated angled letters” MAHAIN  & BINNE” designed, fabricated and mounted to 50m high cranes in the Port of Cork, Ringaskiddy terminal. 


3:rock were approached by the Cork-based design agency Chapter to create a set of super-sized signs for two cranes operating in the Ringaskiddy terminal in the Port of Cork. 

These two giant 50m ship-to-shore Liebherr cranes, named ‘Mahain’ and ‘Binne’as chosen by Crosshaven Boys’, were inspired by the old Irish folklore story about two giants who lived in Cork harbour. 

The giant letters were to match the cranes’ framework in colour tone and come out at an angle to create an illusion that the letters were coming out of the cranes.  

With a project of this scale, several logistic and environmental challenges had to be considered to deliver impact for our customers in a 4-week time frame.  

  • Our team first had the challenge of creating a size large enough to be seen from a distance and could be safely mounted to the 50m high cranes.  
  • We worked with crane manufacturer, Liebherr, to ensure the signage solution did not compromise the existing structure.  
  • The letters and framework would be highly exposed to the elements and are located directly beside the sea, exposing them to saltwater, so material selection, fabrication method and durability were of utmost importance. 


3:rock’s fabrication team produced human-size letters to be fixed on the x-axis of the Liebherr cranes, which sit 85ft up the cranes.  

These letters were fabricated from specialised galvanised steel to prevent corrosion from the sea air.  

Co-ordinating with Liebherr and our expert installation team, 3:rock designed an 8m long 50mm thick steel framework to clamp into place over the crane’s x-axis.  

Installing these units into their final position was a tricky task for our installation team and involved a high level of cooperation.  

3:rock had to operate around the shipping schedule at the active port and be ready to work in a short window.  



The final signs “MAHAIN & BINNE “weighed ¾ of a tonne, and getting them into their final resting position required using a truck crane, two hoists and our experienced installers.  

The installation was completed seamlessly, and we pride ourselves on bringing another client’s exciting project to reality.  

Man works on a metal installation in Cork


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