Our New Toy A Laser Cutting Machine

We love new toys and we’re very impressed with our new one! It’s a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine fresh out of the wrapper. This machine opens a new world of possibilities for what we can offer our clients and complements our expanding carpentry department perfectly. Laser cutting technology has advanced greatly in recent years and the machines have not only come down in cost but increased in capability and thanks to advances in technology, many features previously available only in large-scale industrial engraving machines can now be found in standard machines. Today’s machines are user friendly and offer the ability to produce beautiful crisp creations with a very high level of detail.  

At 3:rock we have always heavily reinvested in our equipment and this new addition continues our ethos of total in house production.  Where previously we had to outsource ant laser etch projects, we can now control everything in house.  Our clients are always striving for that extra point of difference when promoting their idea or brand and this capability blends with our already extensive expertise perfectly. Get in touch if you have been inspired and let’s do something great together.