Say hello to our new Brand.

Welcome to 3:rock’s new online home! We have been working on rebranding for the past ten months, and our efforts have finally paid off. We are pleased to introduce our brand new website, which features some of our most recent projects! The last year and a half has been difficult for all of us, but in the face of adversity, you must adapt.

Fortunately, we are now back to doing what we do best: offering a complete brand experience through innovative collaboration with our clients. Since 1993, teamwork has been at the heart of all we do. Our team members come from a variety of industrial experiences, resulting in a rich tapestry of skills that delivers the best for our clients. Along with our new and improved look, we have expanded our multi-disciplinary teams’ depth of expertise and knowledge. With over 60,000 square feet of workshop space and a team of highly skilled designers, print & signage professionals, carpenters, metal fabricators, and installation teams, the possibilities are limitless.

We are looking forward to working with brands both nationally and internationally to create, manufacture and deliver the best for our clients both today and in the future.

So when choosing your next branding partner, think 3:rock! Experience you can trust.